DO-WACKA-DO TRAIL RUN Sept 8, 2012 - Erick, Okla 5 mi, 25k, 50k, and 50 mile Trail Runs

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Dowackado Trail Run Registration Fees

NOTE:  People who enter Sandy Sanders Wildlife Management Area after January 1, 2011 must have a Conservation Pass or a valid Oklahoma hunting or fishing license.  Exemptions of this law for those under 18 or over 65 (the fishing license is a little cheaper than the pass if you're a resident of Oklahoma.  For non-residents the Conservation Pass is the best deal). The conservation passes are available anywhere Okla Dept Wildlife Conservation hunting licenses are sold.  Sporting goods section of Wal-Mart, many rural convenience stores, hunting/fishing gear supply stores, or just about any store in Oklahoma that sells ammunition and/or fishing tackle.  For online purchase, here's the link:
Do-Wacka-Do has lowered the 5 mi entry $10 and kept the same prices for the other runs to help offset the Okla Wildlife Dept requirement. 

5 Mile Trail Run       $20 through July 31, thereafter $30* includes

25K Trail Run          $40 through July 31, thereafter $50*

50K Trail Run          $60 through July 31, thereafter $70*

50 Mile Trail Run     $75 through July 31, thereafter $85*  

Gravel Rides             $40 flat fee either ride

Runs come with tech commemorative event t-shirt, finisher award, after-race meal, plus free entry to the Roger Miller Museum.


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