DO-WACKA-DO TRAIL RUN Sept 8, 2012 - Erick, Okla 5 mi, 25k, 50k, and 50 mile Trail Runs

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WHEN:  Saturday, September 8, 2018

START TIMES: 7:00 am - 16, 40, and 60 mile Gravel Rides

AWARDS:  The 40 and 60 mile gravel rides are timed rides and trophies are awarded for overall male and female.  


GENERAL:  The DoWackaDo events include 3 Gravel Bike Rides which begin and end at the start finish of the runs.  Start time is 7 a.m. with the first trail run (but heading North not South).

The rides are 16, 40 or 60 miles and are self-supported with some rolling support that may or may not come across you so be prepared

Routes will be well marked.  Route is scenic gravel country roads with some moderately hilly terrain. 

PERKS:  Comes with after-ride meal (with the trail run) and commemorative DoWackaDo t-shirt.  T-shirt not guaranteed after August 25.


 (62 miles)

 (38 miles)

(16 miles)

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